The company MATREX d.o.o. was established in Varaždin on 11 November 1991.

Since its very beginning the company business operations included wholesale and retail in steel products, installation material, plumbing and heating fittings, oils and lubricants.

Over the years since its foundation the company has continuously been growing and developing having reached today’s total of 35 employees at four different locations:

– Varaždin, Ivana Severa 7 (headquarters, commercial sector, sales)
– Varaždin, Optujska 8 (shop)
– Zagreb, Ilica 474 (shop)
– Trnovec Bartolovečki, Gospodarska 7 (warehouse, commercial sector)

The business has spread all over Croatia and the surrounding countries as well. The company motto „quality, affordable prices and availability to the customers“ makes it possible for us to place ourselves amongst the most successful Croatian companies in the small and medium size companies sector.

Over the years, we have been constantly expanding our range of products, and today, in our warehouses, there are goods of renowned world producers. BOSCH, BUDERUS, NORD, SCHMIDLER, ITAP, SHELL, FEAL are just some of the top brands you can find in our stores.